Once upon a time…

By 20 February, 2015 February 26th, 2015 Tenerife Climbing House

Once upon a time the garden of the Climbing House looked like this… Unfortunately the elves didn’t help us to clear the garden, so it took us a lot of blood, sweat and tears before we could have a good look the buildings in the garden. Our future bar, volunteer house and storage room…


It looks like there is still a lot work to do before it is a volunteer house…

We can see the potential though after taking away the plants and doing the first renovations on the buildings


See our first campfire…

 With the help of friends and volunteers from all over the world, progress was made step by step.


Of course the girls do all the hard work 😉


straight or not straight?



Definitely not straight…

klettern climb-tenerife-12 But… all the work does pay off! It starts to look a lot better. See here some before and after pictures!




Almost finished…



klettern tenerife

Almost finished

We are not there yet, but progressing step by step makes us very happy. We want to thank everybody very much who made all this possible so far. You are the best!!!

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