The climbing wall in the garden is ready!

By 12 April, 2015 April 14th, 2015 Tenerife Climbing House

We never stop working in making the Climbing House even better. So we started to built a climbing wall in the garden, because a climbing house, without a climbing wall cannot be a real climbing house, right? With a climbing wall at hand, there are no more excuses for us not to train anymore because we have no time…

But it isn’t easy to build a climbing wall from scratch…  It already started with long discussions on what it should be like, where to place it, whether the wall of the house could support it, how much overhang it should have… Finally we decided on those questions and started the preparations for constructing our “new toy” next to the newly build volunteer house.


Starting with the cement base

The metallic structure of the climbing wall is made by Juan (the iron smith and carpinter of the village) in his workshop. When we came by his workshop to see the progress, a week before the deadline, we were surprised to see that he had already finished the structure! Thank you Juan, for your great work!


The heart of the climbing wall in the workshop of Juan

To get the enormous structure from Juan’s workshop in our garden is another story… But they did magic and in a wink of the eye the structure was in the garden.


The arrival of the structure in the garden

And then we could start the installation! We are excited to see how our ideas become reality. Another step further in the long process of starting our hostel. A large step!


We can already picture the climbing wall!!! Almost there!

Although only the structure is there, we are so eager to climb it! And so we did…

2015-03-13 19.05.45

The first climb 😉

Now the structure is there (and tested…), the next step is to cover it involving some cutting, levelling, fixing and painting…


Gin and Jan, our awesome volunteers, in action. Constructing their first climbing wall!

And then, finally the moment is there to do the most fun part: building the routes and try them out!


Gin so eager to climb the wall, that he climbs it before the the very first route is finished!

Building and climbing routes through the day and night!

IMG_4836Want to try it as well???? You are very welcome in our garden! We await you with chilled beers!

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