Ever thought you could do this in Tenerife? Check it out here and be inspired!

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Yes, you might not have known it yet, but Tenerife has a lot and very awesome climbing. Mikko Vanska (www.mikkovanska.com) captured a few of the many climbs we have on the island. Check it out in this blog and  be inspired! 

Important! Please do not use these photos for any purpose without contacting Mikko Vanska first: contact@mikkovanska.com



Rupert climbing a challenge in La Galeria


Mikko came in September to the Tenerife Climbing House. The idea was that he was going to start a permaculture project in the garden of the house. However, things turned out differently. He got hooked on climbing and it turned out that he could also take some pretty awesome photos…


Like this one. Taken in Arico. 5 minute drive from Climbing House


Or this one! Taken in La Galeria, a 15 minute drive from the Climbing House. Daniel climbing 7A+


Or this one. Taken in Tamadaya a 7 minute drive from the Climbing House. Alex doing a climbing course with us.


Ok one more then… Taken in El Rio a 7 minute drive from the Climbing House. Hanneke climbing 6C


In order to take such awesome pictures Mikko was hanging on a rope on the wall. Sometimes all day in the bright sun and soaring heat without complaining a single time. Mikko is pretty hardcore!


Mikko in action taking pictures of Ian climbing in Arico


Mikko’s photos were and are still used by the Tenerife Climbing  House. You can find them on this website and in articles that got published by climbing magazines all over Europe. For example in the German Klettern magazine.


Klettern magazine. Picture taken by Mikko Vanska: www.mikkovanska.com



Picture taken in same serie as Klettern magazine


We also went on climbing trips with guests and friends of the Climbing House to do some climbing a bit further from home in the Teide National Park in the middle of Tenerife at 2000 meter height.


Climbing in the midst of old lava streams, amazing rock formations and incredible views in Teide National Park

klettern Teide

Climbing in the midst of old lava streams, amazing rock formations and incredible views in Teide National Park


Hope you got inspired by this blog! Want to share some thoughts. Make use of the comment section below! If you want to contact Mikko, or want to see more of his work? Check out his website: www.mikkovanska.com.

Mikko we want to thank you very much for taking all those nice pictures. You kick ass!

klettern teneriffa

Ok one more then…


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