Vertical Growth | La Catedral (Tenerife)

By 12 August, 2014 December 15th, 2014 Trad Climbing

A day of climbing in La Catedral: an opportunity to explore deeper levels in mind, body, and spirit. Dedicating a day to working towards our highest personal goals brings up thoughts and conversations about fear, uncertainty, and happiness – feelings and emotions that help us feel alive and keep us dreaming.

CreixementVertical_01 CreixementVertical_03

Climbing is like life: To enter with coordination and harmony into a world of movement where the mind plays the most important role. To trust our intuition. To guide ourselves by our own instincts. To realize the potential of our intellect and learn to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the intersection of gravity and the vertical world.

A wonderful day full of unexpected, sudden moments of inspiration! Always upwards!

CreixementVertical_04 CreixementVertical_02 CreixementVertical_05

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