Creating new climbing areas in Arico Tenerife | Part 3

By 13 August, 2015 Climbing areas

Part 3 of the development of the new climbing area in Arico is written by Jeroen,  one of our Belgian heroes who came all the way here to help us with the new spot:

“Back at work in the canyon: developing the new climbing area around Arico, Tenerife.

Since we started last autumn with the pioneering work of hacking our way through the thorny bushes and bolting routes on the promising rock faces of a pristine canyon close to our climbing house in Villa de Arico, we are back at it in 2015!!

Tim enjoying the crack climbing moves of Planeta Zarza - 6a

Tim enjoying the crack climbing moves of Planeta Zarza – 6a

Last year we were able to open a few first and fascinating lines of various grades, which we have aptly named: “El Grandote”, “Planeta Zarza”, “Cactus Rhythm”… deriving from the brambles that once overrun the canyon, or the cacti present in the routes. “El Grandote” possibly being the longest line in the canyon (about 30m) and also the nickname of its creator. These lines are likely to become some of the classic routes of the sector.

Climbing Cactus Rhythm 6a+

Andrea climbing Cactus Rhythm 6a+

Work is never done and so are we. Lately we have been bolting very interesting new lines with many different climbing styles involved: dulfer, crack, chimney, slab, some overhanging at times, you name it, the canyon has it. Two lines, of 5th and 6th grade, were just perfect for trad climbing so we just had to leave it without bolts, only with an anchor on top, which makes it especially interesting for those wanting to practice the use of friends and nuts.

Ian opening Babaresing - 5c Trad.

Ian opening Babaresing – 5c Trad.

Thanks to some visionary climbers who visited this awesome canyon, pointing out some  interesting lines, we have now opened up routes called “Guajolote”, another one “Gofio Canario”.

Victor pushing the limit over Gofio canario - 7b+

Victor pushing the limit over Gofio canario – 7b+


Tristan in the Crux of Guajolote - 7a

Tristan in the Crux of Guajolote – 7a

On an impressive slab we followed tiny lines and holds and bolted two challenging routes called “Llévate un Palo” and “Plaquintosh”.

Ian cheking still small details before drill Llevate un palo and Plaquintosh

Last but not least we have opened quite long and continuous routes of 6b+ and possibly up to 7+ grading, one of which will most likely be called “La Guillotina”, “Juänegele” and another one “Crux Obligatorio”.  

Elena fighting over Juänagele - 6c+

Elena fighting over Juänagele – 6c+

We are keen to welcome you in the vast climbing area, which is Arico, with many different sectors, to climb with you the new lines we have opened up. Moreover we are determined to keep up the good work, so keep posted!

Thanks to all the people involved, to name a few: Erick, Ian, Marta, Victor, Jeroen, Tom, Tristan, Hanneke, David and especially our partners El Ocho Escalada and Tenerife Outdoor for providing the tools, lodging and guidance.”

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