Creating new climbing areas in Arico Tenerife

By 2 December, 2014 December 3rd, 2014 Climbing areas

At a walking distance of the Tenerife Climbing House we are developing a new climbing area. We feel like pioneers, discovering new climbing land!

Discovering new land, starts with finding your way through the wilderness and opening it up a little bit. The machinery we use is a little bit more modern than in ancient times, although we also brought some machetes along to find our way through the thorny bushes.

tenerife new climbing

Trying to find out how the machine works, carrying it through the canyon and looking at the thorny bushes in the new climbing area

We have Jeroen and Tom from Belgium and Lucas from Austria helping us creating the new climbing area, because it is a lot of work and there is potential for at least 60 routes! Oh and huray for Roxtar ( for supplying us with the materials!


A lot of work to be done before we will be able to touch the rocks


Yes, first path to the rock made! I want to climb this rock!

Lucas helping out taking some more plants away close to the rock.

Of course we leave most plants alone. Taking only the bushes with thorns away and only at a few places to be able to reach the rocks. We leave the rest of the plants intact so the canyon stays green and beautiful.

There are at this very moment already 6 routes to climb in this canyon! Working tomorrow on more! In our next blog we will show the process of bolting and making new routes. We are thinking of giving a course this summer on how to open new routes. If you are interested in maybe following this course, send us an email or use the contact form on our website and we will keep you updated!



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