Tell me more about climbing in Tenerife

Come to Tenerife and enjoy the amazing landscape, the perfect weather and the many, many climbing spots on the island. There is something for everyone, from absolute beginners to advanced (4 to 8c).

You can do bouldering, sport climbing and trad climbing from one end of the island to the other. Climb in alpine environment, in narrow canyons or go deep water soloing. Tenerife has it all!

Tenerife is always a good climbing destination. It has perfect weather conditions year round and, really, it isn’t too warm in summer.  In winter, Tenerife is perfect for those from continental Europe. It is relatively close and you’ll climb without freezing your hands off!

What kind of climbing can I find on Tenerife?



You’ll find amazing crack close to The Climbing House in Arico, El Saltadero and El Rio.  Most are bolted sport routes but you can also trad climb there.



For those who love overhangs, you can find incredible routes in areas like Arico, La Galeria and El Rio…

plca escalada


In Tenerife there is slab climbing for everyone’s taste: slopers, pinches, pockets, edges, sidepulls on vertical, slightly overhanging or low angle walls. You can find amazing walls close-by in for example Tamadaya, Arico and El Hoyo



An amazing boulder area with over 200 routes can be found 10 minutes from the Climbing House in Arico Nuevo. Another area with great boulders can be found for example in Arico (yes there are many Aricos here…) and El Poris,…

escalada tradicional

Trad Climbing

The most spectacular trad climbing areas can be found in the Teide National Park. You can find them in the vicinity of the highest peak of the island, the volcano el Teide which is over 3700m high! And if you want to take it a little bit more slow and want to climb only one or two rope lengths there are great trad climbing routes of all levels in different areas close to the Climbing House like Arico, Tamadaya and El Saltadero,…


Deep water soloing

We have three areas on the island where you can do amazing deep water soloing. Check out the sea caves and do some serious overhanging or traverse on the slabs, without a rope – all above the sea for smooth falling.

Climbing School El Ocho Escalada

El Ocho Escalada is a climbing school founded in Tenerife by a team of passionate climbers who left their native countries, traveled the world and found on the island the climbing paradise for which they had been searching. The climbing school offers technical instruction and physical and mental conditioning for every type of climbing – all set in the spectacular natural settings provided by this beautiful island.

El Ocho Escalada’s guides and instructors are certified at national and international levels, with membership in the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides.

Demand quality – demand certified guides!

escuela el ocho

El Equipo


Erik Baquero

Climbing Guide & Instructor | Climbing School Founder | Tenerife Climbing House Co-Founder

Erik is the founder of El Ocho Escalada climbing school and a co-founder (along with Elena Martinez) of Tenerife Climbing House. He is a certified climbing guide and a member of the A.E.G.M. (Spanish Mountain Guide Association). He has almost 20 years of practice in climbing and mountain sports, with experience in the Andes, Pyrenees, Swiss/French/Italian Alpes, and numerous regions in Spain. Experienced in all types of climbing, he specializes in and is most passionate about big wall trad climbing.


Elena Martínez

Tenerife Climbing House Co-Founder | Climbing School Coordinator

Elena is a co-founder (along with Erik Baquero) of the Tenerife Climbing House. She designed the house and all of its hand-made furniture and is now the driving force that keeps all things moving behind the scenes. She’s also the person you’ll find running the back office and she is, of course, crazy about climbing!

Rafael Gómez Lorente

Rafael Gómez Lorente

Climbing Guide & Instructor

Very experienced all-round climber and an excellent trad climber, winner of the 'Liga de Rallyes 12h de escalada FEDME 2016' (Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing). Moreover he is always eager to be involved in all outdoor adventure sports.