The carpinter can start his work!

By 19 August, 2014 December 3rd, 2014 Tenerife Climbing House

Slowly we can picture the new house. After a lot of work behind the scenes, like doing the paperwork, the designs, buying materials, organizing and taking decisions, we start working on the beds and lockers in the rooms! Yes! Finally starting the fun part!TCH_carpinteria We cannot do it any other way, we design and make the furniture ourselves! It will give the house a warmer and more personal atmospere and the quality is also so much better! We want our guests to experience something different, something unique and something with a soul. We want to give them a home away from home. Fixing the 4-person bedroom now!

¿Que aún no se la imaginan? Pues esperen a la próxima entrada, que ya irá teniendo otra pinta!!

Still difficult to imagine maybe that this will be 4-person bedroom… Just wait for our next blog to see it is all possible!!

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