The first steps of creating the kitchen

By 5 June, 2014 November 27th, 2014 Tenerife Climbing House

After a destructive phase we are now starting to put it together again and build up the hostel. Starting with the kitchen, it slowly starts to look like a kitchen!

La nueva cocina va cogiendo forma

Creating the kitchen step by step

The rooms that were here before had their best time and the place is the perfect spot for the kitchen, joining the roof terrace. Imagine making your breakfast and then walk up the terrace to have a relaxed breakfast, enjoying the views and the tranquility.

The guys are doing a great job. Doing the rough jobs, but also taking care of the details! Who said guys couldn’t do this stuff?

Mimando los detalles...

Taking care of the details…

Soon we will be ready. We are looking forward to use it! Would you like to be there with us?

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