Starting mission: clearing the garden…

By 2 May, 2014 November 27th, 2014 Tenerife Climbing House

Today we made a start with changing the garden from an impenetrable forest to a  more livable place. The enormous garden is a perfect place for  having a beer, BBQ’s and all kinds of other festivities and activities.

¡Nuestro jardín va evolucionando!

So this is the garden how we found it and how we are progressing on it!

Hard working needs also some relaxing on a beautiful day as today. We could’t resist playing around with one of the surprises we found hidden in the bushes. A large pole!



Besides the pole we also discovered a lot of other hidden treasures. With some imagination and green conscious we give them a new life!

Tesoros escondidos...

Tesoros escondidos…

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