“Why do you open the Tenerife Climbing House in the small village of Villa de Arico”?

By 25 April, 2014 November 27th, 2014 Tenerife Climbing House

The village of Villa de Arico is located in the center of most and the best climbing areas in Tenerife. It is therefore that the Climbing House has to be here.  When we first saw the house, we knew it was made for us. Why? Because there is nothing like this, easily accessible from the highway that looks like this…


Moreover, there are so many possibilities! Look at the enormous white wall that you see from the road. It is perfect for a big painting that you can see from far away! You cannot pass by Villa de Arico without noticing the Tenerife Climbing House, that is for sure!

Another big advantage: a huge free parking place in front of the house!


And this is the amazing view when you have breakfast in the morning on the roof terrace. Shall we watch the sea or the mountains? Luxery problems of this house!



Yes, this is a place where we can find everything we need. Now we just have to start working to get the most out of all the potential of the house!


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