Chronicle of a climber like you (II)

1. Why did you choose Tenerife as your climbing holiday destination?

I was working like crazy this year and had to take some time off in the end of the year, so I was searching for a sunny southern location, since October is too cold for climbing in the Alps or in Germany and there is not yet snow to go ski touring.

Also I had to travel alone and was  therefore searching for a climbers place, where I could probably meet people to go climbing with.

After some research my decision was between Sardinia and Tenerife, but since Tenerife might also give me the opportunity to practice a little of the Spanish I`ve learned in the last years, my decision was for the TCH on Tenerife.

And taking little bit of the next answers ahead: it was the best decision I could have made!

2. What do you think about the rock and climbing style in Tenerife?

From the sectors I have visited (and I have not come close to seeing all) I can already tell that the climbing on Tenerife is very divers, so there is a lot of different rock types and hence different climbing styles. Also there are so many routes for the different grades, in some other climbing areas it is either good for easy going climbers (grades 4-6a) OR for hard climbers, but on Tenerife there is a lot for everybody. Even on the same wall you can find very different grades and within a sector you definitely have something for everybody.

Also I could see that the local community is bolting a lot of new routes everywhere, so it will be even more in the future.

3. What crag you have been more impressed? Why?

Since Erik and Elena were so nice to take me and other people from the TCH climbing together a lot, I have to honestly say that I don`t even know the names of some of the crags I have been climbing at 😀 I only used a guidebook once in 8 climbing days…

One of those quite new crags was my very favorite. There was this Yosemite like rock with a super smooth surface and lots of cracks, flakes and small to large ledges everywhere. Super nice moves there. And a great view down to the ocean!

But I have to mention a few more crags: Arico Arriba for me is the perfect crag for a super chilled day of climbing with a few people, because the gorge is wide and very pretty with a lot of green, and since there is a lot of climbing on both sides, you can either choose the shady or sunny side with super nice hangout spots everywhere.

Another gorge that will be fantastic as it grows is El Polegre, which is perfect for sunny days because it is rather shady and already now you can find a few super technical routes on perfect rock there and it will grow, see last question.

4. How was your experience in the TCH? Would you recommend it to other climbers?

I`d rather not, because if they are fully booked all the time, there will be no free bed for me any more… 😛

No, I`m just kidding! I would and will definitely recommend the Climbing House to all climbers, backpackers and open minded travellers of any kind!! Directly after my arrival we were sitting at the fireplace. I was very tired that day and thought I will go to sleep very early, but then ended up drinking beer, playing drums, singing songs and enjoying the fantastic atmosphere until 1 in the morning.

Also before my travel I didn`t even know if I will find people to climb with and already on the first day Erik and Elena took all of us for Sunday`s “family climbing”, going to a new crag with three cars and lots of people. It was just perfect and I felt as a part of the community from the very first moment there.

Another important fact for me to mention: in the last years I have seen a few climbers places like the TCH and I never felt so comfortable in public kitchen and bathroom as here, because the staff is very busy cleaning and therefore also the guests try to keep the place clean. And I like it clean. Being a climber and/or traveller does not necessarily mean you have to be a dirtbag.

In total the welcoming and open atmosphere that is created by all the staff and the local friends and climbers who are visiting on the weekends (saludos a unos pollos locos 😉 ) is transported to all guests in the TCH and it is just the perfect place to stay and have a relaxed holiday with a lot of climbing, meeting people, nice and tasty dinners together, music and lots of laughter and spanish beer 🙂

5. What is the most surprised or liked on your trip?

For me the coolest thing during my trip was the great opportunity to bolt new routes with Erik in the Polegre gorge. It was so great to explore new lines and learn about the techniques: how to clean the route, how to find the perfect spots for bolts and of course how to drill and place them. And then doing a first ascent of a new route that hasn`t been there two hours ago!! It was amazing, thank you so much Erik for this great experience!

I even got to name the routes and I am so proud that they will be in a climbing guidebook at some point. If anyone reading this blog is ever in El Polegre sector, you have to climb the “Semmelknödelkamin” (5) and “Sauber sog I” (6a+/6b), because they are just super cool and of course perfectly bolted 😉

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