The first rooms are ready!

By 18 septiembre, 2014 noviembre 27th, 2014 Tenerife Climbing House

The first rooms of the Tenerife Climbing House are ready!!! First there is a private bedroom with double bed, large wardrobe and spectacular views to the sea and mountains. Our guest will wake up happy, that is for sure!

Habitación doble en el Tenerife Climbing House

Private bedroom Climbing House

Otra vista de la habitación doble del Tenerife Climbing House

Large wardrobe in private bedroom Tenerife Climbing House

The second room that is ready is the 4-bed room. The beds are hand made by Pure Art and we have designed them ourselves! No squeaky beds in the Tenerife Climbing House!

Habitación de 4 camas en el Tenerife Climbing House

4-Bed Room Tenerife Climbing House

El rojo como protagonista en esta habitación

The 4-Bed Room also called the Red Room

La otra litera de la habitación de 4 camas

Photo taken from the other side of the 4-Bed Room

And we also changed the bathroom a bit… now we only need some doors for the showers for a little bit more privacy 😉

Las duchas del Tenerife Climbing House

The bathroom of the Tenerife Climbing House

It was an intensive hard working week, finishing all those rooms, but it is great to see the progress we made! Moreover the kitchen is also almost finished. Next on the list will be the living room!

We will keep you updated!

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